This is dangerous territory. We considered avoiding it altogether. But you haven't.
Your experience with sharp objects is legendary; in fact, frightening.
Yet, there are scenarios where the risk to yourself from yourself
may be less than the risk to youself from
something else.
Like..., an encephalopathic grizzly entering your new tent via the door end of your one-door-tent.
You would discover in this situation that the walls of the tents we sell are of very high quality
and are very difficult for humans to penetrate given our weakly powered claws.
In this situation, a quick risk-benefit analysis comes down in favor of equipping you with a
Not just any knife. A knife made for outdoors folks like you.
A safety blade that snaps closed, but can be brandished quickly, with your thumb
to slice through that tent wall and scram!
As an alternative (economical but gutsy), you could flash the dangerous looking
serrated blade at the grizzly's nose which may bring the shaggy beast to a halt...

Blades bears respect.